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Pinnacle Global Solutions | Agriculture
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Agricultural Courses in India guide students in farming techniques, crop growing, crop protection, multiple cropping and plantation techniques. India being an agricultural country the significance of agricultural course is immense. The crops grown in India include food and cash crops, vegetables, fruits, and spices. Rice and wheat are the primary food crops with ‘jowar’ and ‘bajra’ cultivated in drier areas.

An agricultural degree make students learn better methods in growing cash crops like jute, sugar cane, tea and tobacco. Sugar cane and tea though strictly food items, are treated as cash crops as they are exported for revenue. Qualified agriculturists are offered lucrative opportunities in tea gardens, rubber plantations, and fruit orchards and organized vegetable farms.

The areas in Agriculture cover research institutes, laboratories and soil conservation bodies. Candidates with a degree in agriculture are in great demand in the primary economic sector which includes farming, plantations, fisheries, mining, cattle rearing and poultry farming.


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